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IQ Implants Ltd. reflects many years of experience in dental implantology by its creators.  As a result of a productive collaboration  between experienced doctors, engineers, scientists and many other specialists and based on advantages in computer assisted technologies, it was possible to develop system of dental implants, that allows doctors quick, safe and efficient implantation process without compromises.

IQ Implants is a highly effcient and technologically advanced dental implants system.  By reinventing the way our distribution works, we were able to significantly cut cost and make IQ Impalnts affordable without compromising quality. 

Our goal was to make dental implants affordable to all people in need.  Every year this number grows all around the world.  In order to accomlish this, we are ready to cooperate with any clinic or individual doctor.  We would eagerly teach any doctor to modern methods of implantology from the diagnostic to final imlant insertion stages.  We are ready to share our extensive experience.

Our products created by doctors for doctors! 

  IQ implants LTD | contact us | address:Industrial Park Omer, bld. 8C ,P.O. box 1476 Omer 84965 , Israel
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